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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

Notice how communism reaches it's furthest goals in China, where the most people were massacred and they encountered the least resistance. It's also not a coincidence that that counry is considered a "model UN nation", and let's not forget western money building up their infrastructure, economy, and military, and police state. And so it seems that the most enslaved people will inherit the earth.
But was it ever Communism in China or the former Soviet Union?

I prefer Thomas Barnetts description..."Soprano Economics" to describe the so called Collectivists paradises. Simple organized thuggery much like the organized crime groups of today operate with a "white shirted" managerial class handling the money flows and letting the thugs take the heat while the true movers and shakers sip cognac on chesterfield lounges in good the great movie "Layer Cake" which addresses this brilliantly.

Much like Zebig Brizinski states in "The Grand Chessboard"...Eurasia and it's huge resources must not be let fall into nationalistic/independantly developing hands. Perhaps Putin of Russia is a genuine threat in this respect...remains to be seen. Communism may well be about messing around with "Workers Paradises" but I still believe they may have had more to do with bringing massive resources under WASP control by proxy rather than Zionist utopia dreamers.

By forcing "Communism" or "outsourced government" on a people they will never feel subjugated by an outsider but will put up with the internal oppressor for longer...just as the British were masters at doing...and some say still are.

If theirs a problem with the "individualistic West" it's that the sheep are starting to ask questions and demanding more of a say in the day to day operations of government. They are falling less and less for the scams so will be a natural target...i would'nt say the Chinese Elites are having an easy time of it either. Massive new residential developments and HUGE water projects are uprooting MILLIONS of people and this "excess" population will need to be culled in war or a nice ethnically specific Bird Flu type epidemic. These are the problems the 'excel spreadsheet' loving managerial Elites must sweat to cull the excess and keep the productive core without any bleeding heart's noticing.

Anyway...i'm off track...hope their was some sense in their.

On re-reading i see their was little relevance to your original question. I'm not going to erase as it took me to long to type.
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