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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

redrat11 wrote:
This info on A.J is somewhat convincing thumbs. but still you have to agree he's done alot for the "conspiracy movement" if you want to call it that,
We must understand that in order to divert people; someone must get their attention. Consider the fact that bullhorning tends to turn away people who are doubting and corals people that already believe. Alex's style only appeals to people who already know and believe in what he's saying. To other people he comes across as a championship wrestler (compare to Piper's Pit) or a used car salesman (which are both dishonest). Is it a good thing that he brings the credibility of truth seekers down so low? What do people think of religious nuts calling everything Satanic?

Alex basically tells us what we already know. The 3 hour radio shows, 1 hour video shows, and dvd's are full of mindless repetition (which is a rip-off to people paying). Basically if Alex Jones didn't exist; other people would fill those time holes. He uses a lot of footage from other people (that we could get ourselves) but it's all selected by him and does white wash and gloss over Zionism.

Mainstream News is the same way. Do we defend Mainstream News, or point at it and tell people not to trust it? How is Alex any different?

Imagine when you present Alex Jones to someone, and they become enamoured by him. They start watching and listening to all his media and have no time for anything else. Will they get the full picture? Will they become effective or scared? Will they make sense talking about Germanic Death Cults, Bohemian Grove (what's the point made by it?) etc? There's much better topics and content elsewhere. Alex does a disservice by bombarding us with his Zionist skewed information.

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