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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

Throughout history, until very recently, the vast majority of mathematicians, engineers, and inventors have been of white european ancestry. This race of people created, built, and powered the industrial revolution, thereby creating vastly more real wealth than any other race on earth. The USA became the center of this wealth creating machine.

The elites are a small group of highly intelligent but deranged people who do not desire to create wealth, but rather desire to own and consume the wealth created by others. These elites have been conspiring all along to steal the wealth created by the white european race in the West. Harvest time has arrived!

Diversity training is but one aspect of the plan to transfer the wealth created by the white race into the hands of the elites. Dumbing down education, encouraging everyone to go deeply into debt (pledging real collateral in order to borrow “money” that the elites create at zero cost) while maintaining high consumption levels, and exporting manufacturing jobs to China and service jobs to India are other aspects of the plan. The elites have set the stage for the biggest wave of bankrupcies and foreclosures in the history of the world.

It has been estimated that the USA contains about 5% of the world’s population, but it consumes about 33% of the world’s resources. That is about to change dramatically. The end-game of the transfer of wealth in the West is happening now. The looming financial armageddon (including stock market crash and real estate market crash, and a period of time that will correctly be called an economic depression) will successfully transfer into the hands of the elites most of the wealth of the West that they do not currently own. Consumption levels will fall dramatically. What will emerge in the aftermath will be a small superwealthy elite class of Zionists and those like them (the global mafia, the ultimate organized crime syndicate), a larger managerial and technical class of mostly whites and asians, and a huge slave class of mixed race (most having Hispanic and/or African ancestry) laborers. A large police force will enforce the new economic arrangement.

Of course, war will continue to be a leading product of the economy until a similar arrangement to that just described is implemented successfully everywhere on earth. Once the elites have complete control over breeding, education, and economic activities everywhere, war will no longer be necessary. The human race will have been effectively incarcerated on a Prison Planet.

Although I would like to believe that the dastardly plot described above will fail, the evidence currently available indicates that it is succeeding. I have asked the hard questions, and often the answers I have found do not please me. Welcome to earth, like it or not.

The Beast appears to rule this world. If so, a good question to ask might be: Why are we here? Why me, Lord? In spite of the bleak outlook, I like this world and this life enough to want to stay a while longer. But still, sometimes I wonder, if there exists a world that is ruled by the Lord, how do I get there? And if I moved to such a world, would I be happy there? Maybe I, like so many others, am hooked on the conflicts and illusions present here on earth. Maybe I am an earth addict. I can complain about the conspiracies to enslave humanity as being so much evil and injustice, but, after I am dead and gone, if I were offered a chance to be reborn on earth, what would I do? And what would be the alternative if I chose not to go back to earth? Interesting questions to contemplate. For now, I think I will get something to eat, watch some television, and read up on conspiracy theories at some of those great sites on the internet.....
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