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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

The Beast rules this world just as the CHRIST that the human race killed said he did. Every event in the Revelations of Jesus Christ will come about exactly as you were told by the CHRIST that the human race killed said it would. Even Satan and the Daemons recognized CHRIST immediately, but not the human race. Your elite of the entire world no matter what religion are the inheritors and are blessed by the King of this World Satan. No human now alive will escape from what is to come except by death. You have been told the exact sequence of events and I can say to you that you are already in the Fifth and it is well underway. The time of these events are not know by any flesh. You will respond to these events exactly as foretold and you will worship your self styled elite until no flesh would be saved alive. Look around you nothing is new most all that now walk this earth have done the same before and so here you are to serve the 1/3rd as before and to wait upon the arrival of your master. Greed is your inner most desire and love of self your expression. No human science or wizardry will stop what is already in motion. Watch nature both of the Earth and off the Earth. Watch your fellow humans in their ways. The Ancient of Days stirs and those who know are fearful and watch for woe comes to the inhabitants of Earth.
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