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ignt wrote:
So true, but of course I am a fundamental part of that plan and have never stopped pointing out the fundamental flaws in humankind. The scapegoat still sees an exit, a way out after the ashes fall. The law cannot be broken, but still a way may be found with the help of those who will inherit. Even in death there is existence and possibly only a virtual existence, but one that can accomplish goals and reproduce. all though things are beginning, there is much left to occur and it all will occur. When humankind meets what it has always wanted to meet and has to accept what it will in majority not like, will it be able to survive. Especially in a form that will be useful to the second that comes? We will see, how many here would believe for one instant that they have reached something other!
The Lord rebuke thy accusation, Sataniel. For the propitiation has been offered, and thou hast not power over our brethren the sons of light.

The Existance of Death is the abrogation of goals. It has neither production nor reproduction. It has Not Honor. It has Not Victory. It is all that Life is Not.

Humanity has already seen the dawn of the true light. Now in this man Mikael is manifesting, who stands for the sons of our people. Man's true will may become known, but not before Enemy seeks to thwart more and more.

Liber AL and Mysterium Iniquitatis is broken forever. Though They know it Not, the man's consciousness has now been raised in light above the shadow of death. The man again wills the will of God.

And the demensional consciousness of man made in the likeness of his maker in perfection has been opened in the man. The ill will is rectified. Man will know the Will of God, and himself will it.

This is Mikael's particular ordience on earth at this time, and the shadow cannot stop it, though it try with force and fire and all deception.

They do not believe for they are shadow of death. They know not what they will, nor believe. We are light in darkness that they may understand the word of life.

Yet we are here for judgement as well and vengence. We stand for Jerusalem and show forth Justice of Truth.
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