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Default Re: Saddam times 25

Ozzie, do you realized that Muslims do not accept Jesus as the Christ of Mankind? They only viewed Jesus as a prophet as being a part of a long line of prophets going back to Abraham, Noah and Adam, nothing more.
This has nothing to do with the point i was making. The point is not whether Islam or christianity are compatible.The point is God, jesus does not tell us that Islam is an enemy nowhere is it stated in the Bible OT or NT.
It also does not encourage us to hate or encourage hatred against other Monotheist religions.Only pagan religions that worship Idols are singled out as the antithesis of God.
All monotheist religions are noble Judaism( excluding talmudist jews) christianity,Islam because they all share a common source.

You are attempting to turn me against a Noble monotheist religion and your hatred and intolerance are for all to see. Islam has many noble qualities some of them are far more noble than many of the fruads that call themselves christians or secular humanists/nihilists in the west can offer.Our civilisation isnt going to the dog s for nothing you know.
Iam not a believer of institutional Deist christianity e.g like the Catholic or Anglican churches etc.Much of it i consider to be apostate!There is no one more acidic than false christian on judgement day they will be toasted. I look forward to these snakes getting roasted.Many them are in high places like Hinn, but there assets wont save them on this occasion.

One more thing, Ozzie, I'm not into any occult group or deep, deep into the Occult. I haven't gotten that far. Mysticism is more suitable for me as I'm always seeking the deeper meanings and understandings of all that is the Glory and Wisdom of God. Do not presume me to be a Satanist, for that I harbor no ills toward the Christian faith.
Really what kind of christian would be trying to encourage anti muslim sentiment like you are here.
What kind of christian would be trying to convince people that Lucifer was a God of Light from a statement by Freemasonic Grand master Albert Pike. Yes thats right i know where you got that idea from I suppose you also believe that Jesus christ is Adonay the Dark cold god.
I finally what kind christian would be trying to convince us all that Lucifer is just scapegoat for mans lack of rationality.Oh and before i forget remeber this statement.
I have some Hermetic understandings of the world.
You said you had a hermetic understanding of the world how many christians have such an understanding of the world i wonder!.
You where stating before that Christianity and Islam are incompatible. So i suppose you believe that Alchemy and christanity are fully compatible yes!.Hmm Right,interesting i wonder how many christians would hold that view! Question how many do you think?. Your a christian pal are you?. yeh right what a Jest! :lol: :lol:

You are the most unenlightened backward christian I've ever seen on any forum. You make really good Christians looked bad.
Unenlightened is the only thing your going to get agreement from me on tonight pal yes iam unenlightened alright.I have no wish to be brainwashed by secular Humanist zioganda correct!. :lol: :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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