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Default Subterfuge runs deep, Sears Tower will still be bombed.

We can be pretty sure that the Miami 7 were setup to be caught, so America would know what the next target would be, and when a new group that somehow manages to destroy the Sears tower, they'll come running to the mic to tell the gullible that there must have been two teams that were setup to attack the building in case the first team got caught, and in the end many more will be saccrificed again, and Silverstein will again get another shitload of insurance money, and the buildings will quickly be shipped off to some foreign land to be quickly melted, and all possible cameras that captured the collapse will be quickly confiscated, and we'll be told again that these cameras mysteriously didn't work that day, although I think they'll try to carry it off at night this time, less witnesses.
I guess only time will tell?

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