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Default Re: Give me control of a nation's Hip-Hop, and I care not who makes its laws.

Eric_Blair wrote:
You are making the mistake of confusing Pop with hip hop. I got to say for some reason a lot of people who spend a lot of time analzing the news really don't go to the same level of effort when looking at culture.

Yes mainstream hip-hop has been co-opted, but so has mainstream everything.

Check the work of Public Enemy, Paris, Sage Francis, Immortal Technique, and so so many others, even the Beastie boys are making a stand.

Check these guys out for starters and if you still think hip hop is thoughtless and part of the problem, I got a whole ipod full of stuff to school you with.
Oh, yes, 'Pop'. Yes, that's my mistake. Pardon my lack of low-level culteral awareness.

Well, you and your i-pod are no doubt a powerful force against the O. I. I'm sure they are affraid.

And you are even complete with your little Public Enemy mp3s. And what's this? Beastie Boys? Gosh, how will they ever stand? They'll probably disband tomarrow in the face of such power.

They will give up the governmental control.
They will give the military control.
They will give up the mineral control.
They will give up the monetary control.
They will give up the entertainment, multi-media and publishing control.
They will give up the precious metals control
They will give up the real and actual spiritual power of the god of this world.
They will give up the pharmakia control.
They will give up the precious stones control.
They will give up the social automation control.

All because of your hip-hop and i-pod.


What niddering, ignorant, presumptous and blind folly!

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