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Default South African Civil War Orchestrated By Zim Army

Sunday 25th June 2006.

South Africa experiences it's worst incident of police killings when four officers are murdered after an armed robbery in Johannesburg.

The gunmen, believed to all be Zimbabweans, surrendered after eight of the accomplices were killed by police specialist units who responded to the scene and 14 gunmen in total gave themselves up and were arrested.

The investigation that followed revealed something so shocking to the detectives that an immediate media black out was ordered by Charles Nqakula, the safety and security minister, and police's top management in Pretoria.,2172,130461,00.html

National intelligence agencies have been called into emergency meetings and even the heads of the South African National Defence Force have been attending these meetings.

Another, "off limits" to the media meeting is scheduled for this coming Friday and it is believed that the South African President, Thabo Mbeki is to attend too.

What was so shocking was leaked by a detective who initially interviewed the suspects that were captured.

"The men are all Zimbabwean soldiers who were given direct orders by their government to enter South Africa ilegally, aquire arms, and start a systematic process of creating unrest within the country."

It is believed that are at least another 50 to 55 "cells" of armed Zimbabwean soldiers waiting and planning the start of a civil war within the borders of South Africa and making it appear that it was instigated by white South Africans.

The motive: It is no secret that President Robert Mugabe has a passionate hate of white Africans and the largest concentration of white Africans is to be found in South Africa itself.

By sending covert armed soldiers into South Africa to create a situation of civil unrest he is hoping that it will spill over into a racial war and then he can come to the "assistance" of the black South African people by deploying his troops there, with permission this time, and eradicate the African white race.

- JNNA - 113280SA

Zim: We are not involved in SA crime
__________________________________________________ ___________

Johannesburg, South Africa - 07 July 2006 04:13

The embassy of Zimbabwe in South Africa on Friday criticised the media for what it believes are unsubstantiated allegations that former Zimbabwean soldiers are involved in crime.

"In an attempt to seek clarification on the veracity of these claims, the relevant authorities responsible for police in the province [Gauteng] have expressed shock as well at these allegations, which have ho basis in fact.

"I understand relevant heads have already met to address these false allegations," ambassador Simon Moyo said in a statement.

"The authorities confirm that [the] South African Police Service (SAPS) enjoys excellent working relations with Interpol in Harare, contrary to claims that an SAPS team recently visited Zimbabwe and received no assistance from their counterparts.

"To the contrary, no SAPS delegation ever visited Zimbabwe in connection with the Jeppestown incident."

Four police officers and at least eight people believed to be associated with a group of alleged supermarket robbers were shot dead in a stand-off with police in Jeppestown, Johannesburg two weeks ago.

A recent newspaper report said the men arrested could be former military operatives from Zimbabwe.

Moyo said it was clear that some print media in South Africa were determined to cultivate xenophobic trust to sour relations between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

"Such futile effort will not succeed as the two countries and peoples enjoy excellent and cordial relations. We share a common liberation history, a common border, and common culture and indeed a common destiny.

"Simunye [we are one]," Moyo said.

"I am aware that the basis of all these efforts by the media to vilify and demonise the people of Zimbabwe and their leadership is the land-reform programme.

"This is irreversible and, indeed, Zimbabwe shall never be a colony again. The policy is one farmer, one farm, black or white."

He continued: "The media must act responsibly at all times and avoid creating tensions between and among nations. After all, journalism is meant to be a noble profession guided by ethics."

When asked to comment, Gauteng police repeated their earlier policy not to comment further on the Jeppestown case.

The Roodepoort Magistrate's Court ruled that the identity of the alleged robbers not be published. -- Sapa

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