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Default Re: Give me control of a nation's Hip-Hop, and I care not who makes its laws.

I dropped in a few of the weaker examples in there to try and bridge the gap, you dropping britney spears in a hip hop post, figured needed to take things easy.

Please, just listen to this one Paris track for an example as to why your hate for hip hop is misguided. You got a problem with mainstream pop culture, not hip hop.

the lyrics if you can't handle the art form:

like it or not culture shapes ideology, the majority of people are too busy to do the research, cause they're working 2 jobs holding down a family, etc. These guys manage to get part of the message across in 3-5 minutes, or at least give people a different take on the world than they get from CNN or FOX, and that kind of awareness raising is priceless.

Change takes people, and people need to be woken up to want a change, so why hate on a delivery mechanism for that change? Where's the substance to your argument?

Hip hop as a tool for information dispursal and to surrender it to the likes of fiddy and co is giving up a powerful tool in the information war.
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