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Default Bill Gates: Satanist in Sheeps Clothing


Dan said (July 09, 2006):

We know that there are no 'self made' billionaires, they're selected for that role. All corporations are networked. The success of Micro$oft was by virtue of IBM choosing Gates to create their operating system. He used to work for them. IT people were always aware that Windows was a bunch of elements programmed by different programmers, and somehow stolen by Gates. Neither was it the best operating system. What the top wanted was a non-open source operating system they could control overtly.

Windows was always notoriously chaotic, unstable, and easist to exploint and hack. We always wondered how such a flawed OS could turn out to be the dominant operatin system not only for personal computers, but internet servers as well.

The company's record of products shows they can produce very efficient software when Gates wants it to be. His role has obviously been to do what he's told for the secret agenda.

He just reduced his role at M$oft to manage his Foundation full time. And I've been watching whom he supports with it......AIDS, gay issues, and he ain't gay. We knew his role is as one of the big change agents, changing the culture.

But hearing he's Lucis Trust is a bombshell to me, you, and anyone aware of the occult significance of that. Also hadn't heard of the 31 billion merger of Buffet's piggy bank into Gates Foundation. The combined facts of all this really are creepy. Lucis Trust is being exoterically empowered as never before to ...... I think........."externalize the Heirarchy", and Bailey promised back in the 20's would happen soon after the millinium. That's my educated guess.
Also, I think Bill Gates was Knighted.
I read somewhere here, that means
you've done a good job for The NWO.

Also, is the new CEO of Microsoft
a Zionist jew?

These billionaires seem
like they are forced by higher-ups to
put their money into
a Foundation Trust. It does
not seem to be The Billionaires money.

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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