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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

question: are the illuminati chiefly white or Khazar, with the other goups as junior members? sure seems like it.
I'm moving away from..."Jews Rule The World". Whether by proxy or whatever. I'm not going to say they dont weild enormous power but history is pretty accurate in it's portrayal of international jewery as attaching itself onto the elite of any given society and serving it's interests as common thugs.

I say the White Anglo's still rule the world with Israel ready to sell it's soul to get what it wants in Palestine.

To say that because the British Elite can trace much of their history to Germany and Khazars can mean alot or it can mean a little. I have heavy Irish ancestory that i am well aware of...Ireland means little to me other than being a cold hole.

I think Khazar "jews" should be placed in their appropriate box...thugs for the Elite and a useful distraction from the real evil dwelling in ALL the humans of the world...that "I" can do AS I please WHENEVER I please and that their is NO supernatural God to fear.

I dont care how powerful the ADL is...white man rules and continues to rule. None of the Rothschilds could give a stuff about "Judaism" or for that matter..."Jews". They care about the ability to realise their ideological world view onto the human race...that men can rule vie their own intellects without Gods good guidence. It's called Luciferian Rationalism. It infests the hearts of ALL men who weild power. ALL so called "religions" will go in the end and that includes ALL the various manifestations of so called "Judaism".

The "jew" is a thug ready to sell his soul to POWER to get what he wants. I see jews EVERWHERE and few have any forelocks to tug on.
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