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Default Re: Vertical vs. Horizontal Science

Draken wrote:
The Internet didn't start a worldwide revolution to get people SUDDENLY start communicating with eachother. We don't need the Internet to talk to eachother. If I didn't have the "opportunity" to speak my mind here on this forum, I'd do it somewhere else. I'm in no way dependent on the Internet - thank GOD! - to get my ideas out and communicating with other people.
That may be true, in your case. But the rest of the people aren't like you. The Internet was originally started out by scientists seeking to share informations faster than snail mail or distribute information more clearly stated than talking over telephone. By then, the Internet have evolved into something big for business, creative and personal purposes for all to share, network and distribute such information. I would like to think the Internet is a real blessed thing to have today.

Draken wrote:
WESTERN science might at the best of times "expand the knowledge of the world" BUT ONLY HORIZONTALLY. Meaning, WESTERN science goes about discovering everything on THIS LEVEL; the material level. It's the LOWEST level. It doesn't even realise there IS a VERTICAL direction.

Allow me to quote Evola:

"Every modern, profane science corresponds in the world of Tradition to a "sacred" science that had an organic, qualitative character and considered nature as a whole in a hierarchy of degrees of reality and forms of experience in which the form connected to the physical senses is just one among others. It is precisely in this way that the system of transpositions and symbolic and ritual participations was made possible. This was the case in cosmology and in related disciplines: for instance, ancient alchemy was not at all a primitive chemistry and ancient astrology was not at all (as it is mistakenly assumed today) a superstitious deification of the heavenly bodies and of their movements, but a knowledge of the stars so organized as to be able to constitute a science of purely spiritual and metaphysical realities expressed in a symbolic form." (my emphasis)

So what we have today is not "sacred" science that Evola talks about, but "demonic" science, in my opinon.
When people think horizontally, they look ahead of themselves and only see for themselves. When people think vertically, they look ahead of themselves and realize there is something far greater, more powerful, majestic and glorious than themselves. I have horizontal and vertical views of everything and God, I like this more balanced approach to spiritual, physical and metaphysical understandings.

Some people use science as a mean to understand and respect nature as a whole whereas some people use science as a mean to observe and exploit nature to their advantages. There are always two sides of the same coin with mankind.

Draken wrote:
I don't think you really understand what I mean when I say I'm a man of Tradition; I might be wrong.
If you're interested, go to the INTEGRAL TRADITION thread in the "Share The Knowledge" forum and read the links I posted there.
I have not check it out but I will. Thanks. ;-)
I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.- Galileo Galilei
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