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Default Re: The True Symbolism of the Pyramid

Draken dude!

We are on the same wave length... Only here, have I met people who think and feel about things. There are so many mindless blobs of grey matter marching through the world - time to go make the donuts!

How can you not believe in God? We didn't make this place... who did or even - what did?

Are we just animals that have adapted so well to our environment that we believe we can change the environment to the detriment of most living species or plants, animals, flora and fauna?

Are we little God's(Hitler's) ruling our own little worlds?

Is there a much bigger picture beyond our comprehension? Is that possible? Could we NOT understand everything there is to understand? It is our human reality, I assert. We know very little regarding all that there is to know. Let's be realistic.

I believe that God created me and therefore I am God's child - his spirit is in me - I am in him. I learned that from loving my own flesh and blood.

If I, who know so little, can love so much, regardless of lack of complete understanding of all things... How much does God love us? Is divine intervention not a sign of this love?

I intervene in my children's lives, out of love. I also let them sort out their own problems, out of love too. Everyone needs to learn.

Maybe the world needs to learn that the one thing we all have in common as adults, is that we have a responsibility to protect the children of our global society.

The children of Palestine and Iraq and many other nations are under seige and their spirits are being brutually murdered. How can we, as adults, accountable to the future, do nothing?

I cannot change Iraq or Palestine and I can help my fellow man here, where I live. God starts working on you from the inside.

It makes a person feel good when they do something good. It usually makes both people feel good. Tough love is another tune where the percieved feelings are bad but the outcome is generally good for both parties. Sometimes a needle hurts and it is beneficial. The pain does go away and can be easily forgotten.

War is not tough love, it is murder.
Corrupt governments are not tough love, they are societal murderers.

"If things were as bad as they could be, you could be sure of a brighter tomorrow."

Humanity needs to start accepting and percieving the good. Her focus needs to steer away from the goggle box and it's programming of "The world is an evil place!" "Men think with their willy's" "Super greedy slut/bitch/mom".

This is God's creation and their is beauty in poverty and the humane gestures to be found in times of war.

I assert to this forum that WW3 has commenced, a while back, with the dropping of those plutonium tipped missiles in Iraq. Follow the money and you will surely see where the political alliances lead for the future war games. Don't be fooled.

Imperialism is not about land - it is a colonization of the mind.

The devil wants to dictate our thoughts and if you tune into the propaganda, you can recieve the devil's idears on life - loud and clear.

People achieve what they concieve and believe in their minds. It is as easy as that. If you focus on evil - that is the world coming. If you focus on your future goals, you will achieve them. Simple.

If we are aware of the evil AND focus on the good - what happens? If we do good things, good things happen. It is a great cycle to get yourself caught up into. Instead of a run of bad luck, it chucks you into the swing of good luck.

My Christian chum would chastise me and God is my luck. God is all the luck I need! I keep my eyes on the prize. God's will, not mine. I tell God what I want specifically to happen and I happily accept the way things play out.

I wanted to know the truth and God placed me in every situation you could imagine to show me exactly what the truth is. I understand political corruption and the media like the back of my hand.

I understand cocaine distribution, money laundering and globalised economics like yesterday's math. I feel I should do something regarding everything I understand, as little as it amounts to in the grand scheme, and have evidence of... but what can I do?

The media is corrupt and will not here me?
Can I make myself heard? I'm going back into a recording studio to do just that. God helps those who help themselves. God's will, not theirs. Am I going to put my evidence up on the internet? I believe so. Am I scared - to a certain degree, yes. Am I gonna face this fear? Yes, I always do - God is with me. He's in me. He's a part of being - he is the spirit that drives me.

I don't need gold and I don't want diamonds... I want a better future for my children to grow up in. Not just better for them, but a better future for everyone's kids, that is what will truly benefit my own.

Is it Sunday? I've gotten all personal and declared my faith!

My youngest just said, "I've been really good..."
I said, "You ARE really good..."

I love my kids more than words can say... going swimming again today!

Mary XXX
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