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Default Re: SA Web Site Shocks The World With The Truth

I posted the link for the crime exposure website on another forum on 06/07/2006. I raised a query about the pictures that he does have (or rather had) under the various provinces. Well, someone recognised the picture posted under Limpopo and guess what? It was actually taken from and is not a picture of a genuine SA crime scene. If it cannot be truthful in such a tiny aspect of fighting crime how can we honestly take anything that website says seriously. And what else he not lying about?

I subsequently went back to the on 07/07/2006 to have a look and it had been removed. No pics there that I could see and the website had also changed . Interesting…. On the 10/07/2006 I went back and saw more pictures and discovered the same thing. One picture is genuine and the others? Clipart taken from other websites.

This website might drive investors from South Africa but what is its real purpose? Yes, violent crime is a reality but how will this disgusting, insensitive, garish, vulgar, cynical and sensationalist display help reduce crime in our country? Will it rehabilitate criminal behavior? Will it convince would be criminals to desist from crime? Will it increase the amount of law enforcement agents? Will it reduce corruption? Will it raise education standards? Will it feed hungry mouths?

If it can do these things or affect these changes, then it will have my support but based on such an untruthful start I doubt it. If Neil Watson finds it so easy to lie by using pics stolen from another website how can we trust anything else he says? Shame on him for lying - he’s no better than those he is trying to show up.

However hard I try I can’t escape the fact that Neil Watson has admitted that neither he nor his family has been a victim of crime. How sincere are his intention then? If he had a true idea of the horror would he have approached this subject so flippantly? Why flippant? If you had a look at the “10 TIPS FOR TOURISTS” that appeared on the right hand side of the page. (You couldn’t miss it – it was right under the block selling now taken advertising space) you see why.

Those are horrible crimes – not a tool to sell a website.

His arrogant and condescending replies and dismissal of his non politician detractors who have taken him to task for his blatantly unpatriotic actions share many similarities with a certain cabinet minister who told the whingers and whiners of SA to “shut up or ship out” (basically). The insurance broker from Camps Bay also would also appear to have a vested interest as he is in an industry which would benefit handsomely from this type of fear mongering. And just exactly how much crime does occur in CAMPS BAY?

Drive investors away from this country and who suffers? The people who would have gained employment from such enterprises as would invest here. The jobless, homeless and the illiterate who’s comfort at night is a zinc plate shack – not a house in Camps Bay. We should also not forget that the people who most suffer from violence and violent acts in South Africa are not those who have raised their voices on Mr. Watson’s site. The victims of crime on the Cape Flats, in the squatter camps and other impoverished and violence struck areas are too busy trying to keep alive to log on to the internet and complain and, in most cases, many of these people do not have access to this technology. So who does this website speak for beside the bourgeoisie (black, coloured or white) who sit behind their fenced-in homes in security complexes?

What about the 8 million people across the globe who die from hunger every year? And those in SA who form almost half our population who don’t have something to eat at night, who only have ONE meal a day? How does this help them? Does it protect them? And does it rectify the other factors which help grow crime? No.

Neil Watson’s website looks more like a way to get HIS point across more than a genuine means to actually help the victims of crime and a way to solve the crime problem in South Africa. He seems more inclined to bury South Africa than actually helping it overcome a very serious problem.

What we need is a website like which contains actual data and statistics – enough to make it a genuinely useful tool. It’s also devoid of advertising and browsing through it you will notice the distinct lack of country bashing, discouragement of business or attempts to hurt the country.
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