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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

Why is it that defenders of Alex Jones blindly ignore the fact that he doesn't just side step Zionism: He LIES to cover it! He doesn't just say he doesn't want to discuss it; he diverts to King of Spain, or some other useless information.

He's constantly claiming he's going to expose people but always FAILS to deliver!

Alex Jones is an enemy of humanity.
I think you're being a little harsh.

Jones deserves criticism but whether or not he is ACTIVELY attempting to suppress the truth is another matter.

Jones has done WAY more GOOD than harm.

If he continues to avoid the issue over the next year then he will make himself irrelevant...he already has to me. I RARELY if EVER go to his web site anymore. He has nothing more to say to me.

I continue to peruse Makow, French Connection and Michael Hoffman and Ted Pike (for the Christian perspective).

Hoffman especially is leading the way and is incredibly articulate and knowledgable on the history of Judaism...or what passes for it these days.
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