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I know where you're coming from Mary.

When the NWO lackey's behaviour is not simply a forum discussion board but ACTUAL direct experience one does react emotionally.

I've seen the liers and the child molesters first hand. I've seen the rigged juries and the peadophile judiciary get away with litteral murder. I've seen the connections and the $80,000 bribes to the "white shirts" and the "purple circle".

After shedding many tears I realise it is in Gods hands and I say what I need to say in moremeasured tones. I will NEVER sacrifice any aspect of my life for the truth again. The people dont care so I dont plan on dying for them. I will pass on my knowledge to people that have EARS however.

I applaud Henry Makow for writing several articles a while back on not letting the NWO program and the evil that goes with it getting you down.

As a wise man once said to me..."when rescuing someone from drowning...take a boat".

Get some good "sob time" in Mary and then relax. You've done your best and you've kept your children safe. Their is a God and I assure you He has it in hand. Work on your relationship with God through Jesus Christ and all else follow.

Tears and ONLY tears will save yourself and maybe the world. :-P
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