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Default Ermenonville Aircrash - 1974


I live near this crash site. I visited it on Sunday evening - I was on my own and got the creeps as I wandered across the site. The place, as you can imagine, gives off some pretty bad vibes.

The site is an undulation with new trees which have been planted since the accident. However, pieces of metal, wire and clothing still protrude as the earth still churns up the history.

On the night of the accident, some claimed, (including the Mayor of the nearby Senlis) that the plane was on fire - although that would seemingly contradict the explanation of decompression. It has marked many people in the region that I live in and leaves many questions unanswered.

I don't understand why there is not much information on this subject on net. There were photos of the crash which I understood were taken shortly after the crash but are not available on the internet. Locals tell me of bodies falling from the plane but the information is just not to be found on the net other than those found in the initial reports.

I have been wondering if there is any place where this information is documented. Likewise, the story of whether the door was not closed properly by a worker at Orly (just prior to the opening of CDG that same year) is not conclusive - some on the sites claim that the door was faulty. Did McDonald Douglas try to carry out a cover up ? Was there legal action - could a class action be too late for the victims' families?

It's a bit of local history - but one which nonetheless is troubling.

Any information on this would be of interest.

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