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Default Where is the rage? Where is the outrage?

By Michael Payne
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jul 17, 2006, 01:13

We are all part of an American society that continues to silently watch as our government pursues a foreign policy that threatens the very future of our democracy.

A large segment of this society is currently in a state of conditioned silence. It watches as America is undergoing radical changes that are transforming this nation into an instrument of world domination with the objective of controlling this planet's energy resources. The overriding question is: what will bring this society out of this state of conditioned silence -- does it have the will or any desire to say, "Enough is enough, we will accept no more?" Or have the American people completely lost their will to dissent?

It seems that we have become a society that no longer may know what is right versus what is just plain wrong. We collectively watched the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Then came the "shock and awe" and the complete destruction of the city of Fallujah. We began to hear the bizarre stories of the inhuman torture of prisoners at Abu Grahib and Guantanamo. Now we are beginning to hear details of the horrendous story about the village of Haditha, a potential time bomb of immense proportions. The senseless deaths of our military and Iraqi civilians continue each and every day; this is complete madness! Is Big Brother wiretapping you and me? Does anyone care? America remains in a state of conditioned silence.

Where is the rage? Where is the outrage? National opinion polls have determined that there is dissatisfaction, uneasiness, and a tiredness in the American people. The public now feels the Iraq war was a mistake and not worth it. Is America disillusioned simply because we are not winning? God, I hope not. Is there anything at all that can reach the American mind so that so many of us who profess "family values" can just get real damned mad when we witness our foreign policy going berserk?

We in this society also watch as America changes in so many different ways domestically. We watch as our remaining jobs continue to be outsourced to countries all over the world as our corporations brazenly reduce the American workforce to achieve greater and greater profits. Our trade and budget deficits are spiraling out of control and our government now has to sell $2 billion of treasury securities each and every day to finance these deficits. China, in particular, along with Japan, various other Asian and European nations now virtually own our nation. We are the greatest debtor nation in history and have no conception of how to end this massive bleeding that is rapidly leading us to national bankruptcy. And the people watch and there is no outrage. Only an eerie silence.

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