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Default Gnosis and Gnosticism

Hi Draken:

I was reading the essay on "Gnosis and Gnosticism" in the

site you had provided, and here's what I think:

Both Gnosticism and Theosophy are attempts at unveiling the truth. However, there are many pseudo-gnostics that have developed a false notion that just because they are "evolved" (in their own evaluation), anything is permissible for them. This is not only foolish but also dangerous.

What people forget is that the law of karma operates with precision and every living being is accountable for their actions. Now, it's not impossible to perform actions without accumulating karma (in fact Krishna talks exactly about this in the Gita), and perhaps these pseudo-gnostics are living in the illusion that their actions do not accumulate any karma. However, such a thing can happen only when the person's ego is fully united with the Spirit. In such a case, the person merely acts as a receptacle to carry out the will of the Spirit, and has no attachment whatsoever to anything in this world. His/her mind is said to be "swallowed or consumed" by the Spirit. This is really a very high state of advancement.

However, we should certainly be suspicious about people claiming to have this type of advancement and then committing evil or nefarious acts. This is because anyone that progresses spiritually would first need to get rid of Tamo Guna (the mode of ignorance or darkness), then get rid of Rajo Guna (the mode of passion), and operate purely with Sattva Guna (the mode of goodness). This way, he ensures that even though he's still separated from the Spirit, his actions being propelled by Sattva Guna will only bring about Sattvic or good reactions, which will only keep him steadfast on his spiritual path.

At later stages, he uses Sattva Guna to get rid of Sattva Guna itself, and then he rises above all the 3 Gunas to become "Nirguna". A person of realization is constantly absorbed in bliss, and the Spirit can use their bodies as receptacles to carry out anything that It wishes. If the Spirit wants to use them as receptacles to perform any act that looks nefarious, then it can only be for the purpose of winding up other people's bad karmas without creating any new karma. And in such a case, if this person has even a slight attachment towards the actions or the results, it will attract a lot of bad karma to it. The detachment must be 100% (no less), in order for actions to produce no karma at all. And of course, it also goes without saying that even good actions performed from a state of detachment attract no good karma.

But one thing is always true....Every spiritual action is ALWAYS motivated by spiritual qualities, the first and foremost being unconditonal love for ALL living beings. For instance, a mother may spank a child for trying to cross a road with high-speed traffic. But the purpose of the spanking is not to hurt the child, but to dissuade the child from doing things that will hurt him/her. So the action is really motivated by love, even though the spanking may appear to be cruel. Likewise, every action performed by a person fully united with the Spirit will NEVER lack, and always be motivated by the foremost spiritual quality, which is love for all beings.

I'll read through the other links when I find time, and perhaps we can have more discussion on this.

Good luck!
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