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Default Re: Jewish Kabbalah Drug Syndicate Caught Red handed

HA! Amatures! Mine was described as a "marijuana factory" in both print, television and radio media.
Well TB i I dont really think much of anyone that grows pot or deals in drugs no matter what race they are considering you claim the title christian several times on this forum i am a little suprised to say the least!.

Where will honest WASP bikers be with this outrageous competition?
Did i say Biker WASPS where HONEST NO, best not to make assumptions about what someone thinks on web forum unless you want to look like a klutz!.
BTW may interest you to know the majority of bikers in sydney town these days are not WASPS at all but Lebs, wogs, and Pac Islanders this aint WA!.

We'rnt sending the cash "Diamond" Joe Gudniks way were they? :lol:
You tell me? The point is they were caught out and this isnt just any ordinary part of Sydney we talking about here this Upper Middle class leafy prime real estate where many of the ultra conservative movers and shakers in Sydney High society live or have lived in the past so its very unusual for this kind of thing to happen in that suburb so yeh, i think its important enough to be posted here, despite your sarcasm!.
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