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Default Re: I thought the rule of the sea was women and children first?

on a lighter note....

He moves his hand down to my pussy
Begins to stoke my hard, swollen clit
Making me gasp with pleasure
His cock presses against my hip
He kisses my neck
I drop to my knees
I press my lips to his tip
Slightly lick his slit
I slide his love into my mouth
Sucking gently
I taste his pre-cum
I lap it up greedily
I stand in front of him
I take his love in my hand
I place it between my legs
I whisper "Fuck me" in his ear
He thrusts his hips against mine
I feel him deep inside my sex
I want him to overflow in me
I push against him harder
Again over and over
I see his body tense
I feel his cock pulse within me
I love his climax
My own follows his
My honey flows over his
Mixing in my core
I drop back against the pillows
I look at my watch
I will have to come up another excuse
I'll be home late again

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