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Default Re: Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

MaryX.. Somehow I feel like we.. You, and Me are seeing who can get to the next level first>.. I love it...

Jeeze ...I got to 100 and I thought it would change.. but Nooo.. The next change is probably at 500 comments, and the next at 1000 comments.. However, I don't know if the world (the internet) will last that long.

After the internet goes down.. We will be in darkness.. And history will be written by the Victors (who control the news).. as usual..

Who will be the Victors is the question?.. Will it be the Satan worshippers or will it be the Anti Satanists?.. That is the question..

The Anti Satanists are the Torah believing Jews, The Four Gospel believing Christians and Islamic people, who believe that all Saints and Prophets are of the Spirit of The God of Abraham.... The Bloodline of the Prophets.

Satan is Pissed Off Big Time.. MaryX.. Get ready for the Big one.. 9/11 times 10... That will make us sheep nervous... and ...We will demand more government to protect us.. and the government of my country and your county will expand.. Because by then we will be members of the same Nation..

I am a madman... I can't help but say what I do.
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