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Default Re: Internet Blessed?

All religions are originally pagan, even some religions follow monotheistic beliefs. Period. There is no religion more different and unique than the rest.
Here we go again with your serpent like undermining of Christianity. Christianity never started as pagan religion.There is only one Christ and he is the saviour of mankind his name is Jesus christ!. As for some religions follow monotheist beliefs, so what well duh ofcause they do.As christian your never going to get agreement from me over the last sentence here so dont even mention it.
For someone that claimed no later than two posts ago that they were a christian and believed in a creator you really have done a complete flipflop havent and you and made a complete hypocrite and fool of yourself.Is it my imgination because for someone that thinks of themselves as possesing some elite knowledge you really end up looking like such a fool.Ofcause i knew what you were all along. So Sqirm snake squirm.

You've failed to take to account that Muslims considers Islam to be the true religion over all other religions, including Christianity and Judaism. It was never meant to compliment the Christian and Hebraic faiths. How would you reconcile with the fact that if you ever try to carry the Bible in your hands in Mecca, you would be approached by the Saudi religious police, your Bible confiscated and throw you in jail with the anticipation of being publicly lashed in front of the Muslim worshippers?
I havent failed anything because for the second time if i can get it through to your thick scull(no apologisees for insult you began it) i was not making a point about whether they are compatible or get along or not!.Unlike you i hold no spite towards other monotheist religions.I do have problem with pagan and occult types like you though, who are snakes disseminating real lies!. As for Muslims trying dominate the west in clash of civilisations type scenario i have never bought that neocon U.S zioganda it is simply bollocks!. The U.S military/intelligence complex started the Imperialist aggression and now they are continuing it.
They wish to give the world their sloppy free trade and degenerate culture whether the rest of the world wants it or not I am fedup of the US and its NWO. The U.S is the New Babylon and even it own citizens know it thats why sites like this one exist because U.S citizens are so pissed off with their own government and country.

This is why I loathe Christian fanatics like you. Close-minded blind faith is the most dangerous and very evil thing in the world.
Oh and i suppose your not closed minded then Right, Dream on!.The fanatics of Reason the Masons. Lets see now they brought us the Enlightenment the French revolution and the savagery of the jacobites and murder of very decent noble people.
They brought us Neopolean and the first modern Imperialism. Then world war 1 with their yid mates and their Protocals and Black Hand.
They brought us 1917 and Bolshevism and then finally they brought us Mussolini and fascism then Hitler and the Nazis.
And now GWB cesar of washington d.c or is Alexander of the New Babylon. I guess all these new movies recently must mean something, Hollywood dont worry i got the drift!.
All thanks to the fanatics of secular Humanism and its philosophy of reason.That means people like you alumbrado snake, thank you for the suffering of Reason the real God of man :lol:

stated that I have SOME Hermetic understandings of the world. That's it. It does not mean that I'm very Hermetic thinker, just understanding some Hermetic teachings and beliefs and leave it at that. I don't go around and preaching Hermetic beliefs upon others.
You stated a few posts ago that Lucifer was the God of Light which was quoting Albert Pike.So that means you must think the Christian God is Adonay the Cold God quoting Pike!.You said it Now deal with it!.

You are also a very stupid man, Ozzie.
I'm not going to waste my time arguing with an unenlightened thick-head christian idiot like you. You're a joke to the Christian faith.
Oh whats the matter poor alumbrdao the truth is getting to hot for you poor child. Lets throw a tantrem didems heres some tissues! :-( :-(
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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