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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 20, 2006

Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana

You ever see a city die? Miles down the road toward Indianapolis, Indiana; I couldn’t tear my mind from what I saw in Detroit, Michigan. In the morning, we had biked into the heart of the Motor City, where today, no one produces cars. The last automobile plant in Detroit closed many years ago. Henry Ford’s city dies by the hands of the men in Washington, DC. Michigan loses 1,000 manufacturing jobs weekly from out-sourcing, in-sourcing and off-shoring. While Michigan’s license plate says, “Motor Capitol of the World”, its current reality resembles a leper colony of former auto workers.

Not only that, Middle Eastern legal immigrants numbering hundreds of thousands build mosques with Saudi money as they colonize the city into a replica of their nations in the sands of Arabia. They bow and scrape to Mecca with horns sounding over parts of the city five times a day. If you’re there, you’ll see Muslims kneeling all over the place. They’re creating a country within our country. It is weird seeing turbans, body covering shawls and foreigners pretending to be Americans. They do not assimilate as they dominate sectors of our nation like Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston. While industry flees Michigan, immigrants cascade into the state. This year, Ford and General Motors announced 60,000 layoffs in the next two years. Bush thinks out-sourcing benefits America. God help me where he came up with that idea.

Let me guess! He’s never worked a middle class job in his life which means he has no idea what he’s doing to average citizens.


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