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Default Acquiring Knowledge in Precarious Days,

Yes in deed my friends the bottom has dropped out.
We need to ask ourselves why the daily statistics of this forum have fallen so precipitously , because to me it seems like it took a sudden spiral into something resembling a Soper death knell.
Although I've been here for awhile, and I admit that I didn't post a hell of alot, still I think I spent a fair amount of time trying to bring pertinate subjects up for debate, also admittedly I fucked up a couple of times , but back to the point.
There are a shitload of forums out there these days, truly a Malox moment, and I try to absorb it as much as humanly possible, but I have a problem with visiting an old friend, this site, and see that the interrest keeps dropping off.
I've got a suggestion,
We Are the spreaders of knowledge, if you've got the time, lets start rebuilding this site back into its days of instant rebuttal and profound logical heights.
Oh well, I'm getting tired, and on my last available beer, gotto go.

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