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Default Re: Acquiring Knowledge in Precarious Days,

Yes,Torch, I noticed that too. Maybe because its the summer (like that has anything to do with it), OR:

Some people felt that they had minimal to say in they're posting after a topic, and felt that they were not 'good' contributors.

I mentioned one time that some people come to CC to learn and that they might acknowledge the topic with a small comment. No one should make such members uncomfortable or be critical of them.
We are all after the same thing: peace, justice, and equal of everything for everyone!

We need to welcome those that are well versed and those who are not so well versed. Those that have extensive knowledge of politics, religion, etc. and....those that don't! Everyone can say what they feel about the problems and issues in the world today. And surely they are welcome to come into CC to perhaps just read and share their aquired knowledge with their family, friends and neighbors.

Thanks for bringing this subject up. I've learned alot myself! And I though I knew plenty of the NWO agenda!!!!

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