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Default Re: Remember the chaos of the Babel tower?

8-) Heavy Multiculturalism has been part of Australias big cities now for atleast twenty years! Personally what i find ironic is the fact that the U.S and NWO have embarked on a mission to to discredit and standardise ethnic culture and religion globally, yet the U.S was one of the first anglo nations along with the U.K to begin and encourage the multicultural process as far back the late 1960s.
Yet they now find the Multicultural policy a hinderance and real subversive danger to their cultural standardistion agenda of laissez faire values, What a jest!.In Australia in sydney in particular we have several Arab muslim ghettoes, just full of people like the recently released Mundoo Habib. They are all mainly muslim arabs and they all hate the U.S s guts good for them.

I would like to see the U.S Forces try and occupy Australia especially the big cities like sydney,because they would have no picknick on their hands in terms of pro U.S Imperial support despite the rosy PR image PM john Howard puts to our relationship to the U.S internationally.
Hell Howard cant even control his own backyard of sydeny let alone worry about iraq.What a jest! :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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