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Hey, truebeliever: may I ask you to elaborate on the "White Shirts and Purple Circle"? In the US there are rumoured "White Codes" that are meant as get-out-of-jail-free codes for those in the shadow networks (e.g. "Even in the best of all possible worlds we must cultivate our gardens." - Candide).
You might've heard of the Finders of Washington, D.C. who were alleged to be the abduction and transport for paedophiles in US government. I believe that they delivered to a "cut-out", meaning a go-between, to keep the principals safe. Identities of the cut-outs would also be valuable!

I am really serious about learning more and believe that destruction of this practice will be instrumental in the healing and protection of the United States.
The "white shirts" are the coppers (detectives) and usually the "Department Of Public Prosecutions". After payment they will "forget" to dot an "i" or cross a "t" or perhaps lose some evidence or in some way mess up the case.

The "purple circle" are the Judiciary. They get their payment too. They are literally 2/3rds homo's/bisexual and a large majority peadophiles.

$70-$80,000 will get you off most charges. Obviously if you have more cash then all the better.

Here in West Oz...

Detective Gordon Bertwistle in charge of peadophile investigations told my good friend that...and I quote...

"I am being deliberately starved of funds as the rings go ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP."

When asked WHY he had NOT gained a search warrent on a particular group of people he replied...

"They wont give me one and even if they did he would be warned. It's pointless".

The detective is...

GORDoN BERTWISTLE or..."Gordo" to his friends.
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