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I believe that they delivered to a "cut-out", meaning a go-between, to keep the principals safe. Identities of the cut-outs would also be valuable!
Cut outs from the criminal underworld are standard.

Drug dealers ARE the principal cut outs. They supply drugs AND the sex object to the "good citizen".

ALL..and I repeat...ALL major dealing networks are intimately linked to the finacial and banking sector.

We had here in Perth just recently had the HEAD of the parliamentry legislature (lawyer by trade) charged with imbezzlement of tax payer funds for his amphetamine habit!!!!!!! He was shooting up in his office and blew $250,000 of tax payers funds. People noted he was..."always on top of his job". :lol: He just died of AIDS before it came to court. He was a homo and peadophile. Par for the course.

To add insult to injury he was WARNED by a colleauge NOT to talk over his phone as it was being monitored by the "Anti-Corruption & Crime Commission".

And what happened about that?...nothing. It's beautiful aint it. :lol:

It's EXACTLY the same in the U.S.
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