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Default Re: Jewish Kabbalah Drug Syndicate Caught Red handed

Well TB i I dont really think much of anyone that grows pot or deals in drugs no matter what race they are considering you claim the title christian several times on this forum i am a little suprised to say the least!.
That was in the past. I got off lightly because I was glad it was over...genuinely.

I have NO problems however with someone growing pot for friends and family with mature consenting adults. No one would mind some one brewing their own beer or making their own wine and selling it. However, when you are selling $5000 a week you are not selling to nice consenting adults. You are selling to hard core druggies who are also on amphetamine daily. Their was no excuse for what I was doing but for the fact that I wanted to get OUT quickly onto some property.

The bottom line...two wrongs do not make a right and THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

You are right to pull me up. Still, I was the best grower and cuttings suplier in town. :-) Also, my electricity bypass was second to none. :-)

Did i say Biker WASPS where HONEST NO, best not to make assumptions about what someone thinks on web forum unless you want to look like a klutz!.
I was just making a joke.

BTW may interest you to know the majority of bikers in sydney town these days are not WASPS at all but Lebs, wogs, and Pac Islanders this aint WA!.
True. You'll be pleased to know they're ALL moving over here because of the W.A economic boom.

Did you see the video of the Lebbo "Comanchero" bikers hugging and kissing with the "Bra Boys" surfers during the Cronnulla riot? They were kissing because the coppers had just announced new "stop and search" powers. Not good for the amphetamine/coke business. :-) These clowns just dont seem to get it. The more they antagonise the coppers and wave their Glocks around in public the more the Feds rub their hands with glee. Within 5 years ALL major drug dealing by amature dickheads will be OVER in this country.

Cant wait.

You tell me? The point is they were caught out and this isnt just any ordinary part of Sydney we talking about here this Upper Middle class leafy prime real estate where many of the ultra conservative movers and shakers in Sydney High society live or have lived in the past so its very unusual for this kind of thing to happen in that suburb so yeh, i think its important enough to be posted here, despite your sarcasm!.
They cant be doing too well then if they're growing pot? :-) These are amatures. The REAL movers and shakers benefit from "cut outs" doing the dirty pill and powder dealing for them. Few bother with pot due to the large amount of effort needed.

The article was interesting. You have mistaken my sense of humour for a personal attack on you. Relax. I know it's hard being surrounded by mad Lebbo's but what can I say? :-)

Come to W.A?
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