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Default How a democrat can get my vote.

First, be against amnesty for illegal aliens, and send them home now
Secondly, swear on a bible that my right to keep and to carry arms is not infringed
Third, swear on a bible that their going to investigate the truth behind 9 11
Forth, swear that the constitution will be upheld, no exceptions
Fifth, the American public get control of the airwaves back
Sixth, The Patriot act gets rescinded
Seventh, quit sending aid to the four corners of the world, without major oversight
Eighth, get rid of all trade treaties that are now illegal and unethical
Ninth, get rid of all electronic voting, (since when have you filled in a lottery ticket and got back conflicting numbers)?
Tenth, recount all votes, no exceptions
Eleventh, abolish the not so federal reserve
Twelth, the supreme court will be elected by the people
Thirteenth, no bill will be passed in the houses of congress unless they are on one topic only
Fourteenth, no real ID or rfid proceedures
Fifteenth, legalize the growing of industrial hemp
Sixteenth, Lobbyist will be outlawed unless money is not exchanged

Well there are a few of my contentions, I know there alot more that are just as important that I have not included here.
What did I forget?

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