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Default Re: Jewish Kabbalah Drug Syndicate Caught Red handed

I agree with the last part. Here in the US the hard distribution is falling to the hard core professionals and gangs, while the lightweights are putting distance between themselves and the mules; or alternately, they are selling "Scripts", or illegal prescriptions, so they can have a trade but don't have to get their hands dirty with the actual procurement and distribution of the drugs themselves. How many MD's had their dreams shattered, and stooped to taking in a little on the side?

BTW, back where I come from, home-grown was about the least desirable due in part to the poor way of drying the leaves (usually in the oven) and because the tops were usually kept by the growers.
I would stay away from Indica, if I were you, and go with Thai, Sensimella, or, my favorite, good old Columbian for the best smoke.
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