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Default Re: Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

The government of many nations are molesting the children and the law is allowing this crime to perpetuate itself?

Damn straight I am angry. And so should we all be! These are the same people who are the media, the police, Social Services, doctors, lawyers, teachers.

Damn straight I am angry. I further picked up some more cash from the beast machine and gave some money to my children to go Christmas shopping tomorrow.

The paper I write on will land in the hands of those who may question what is written. The bank will take them and the bank will have to destroy them if they don't like them. They can kiss my hiney.

Damn straight I am angry. Anna was right, on one of the $20.00 notes the numerals 560 or something was hand-printed in ink. If they can write numbers on money, without fear, I can write letters on dirty bits of paper too, and so can you. Try it! I encourage you.

You're not a sheep scared to jump off the fence?

Come on now, we have typed as though we are the thought provokers of truth. A truth with no action? What? We are just going to bitch about things?

Do something, do anything.

We have a great idea. Let's share it with the world. It's called Divine Justice. God is a creative force, He is a force in action. He is creation, by definition.

He didn't do nothing. He didn't just sit on the fence dreaming of reality. He created it for us. Jesus did something. He performed miracles in the name of God. All the messengers of the many true faiths did something... they delivered a message from God.

If we, who know so much are not even willing to raise a penstroke against the government, WE are indeed sheep.

Is not writing freedom of thought/freedom of speech?

Are you a free man or are you their slave? What makes that difference? Is it how you think, what you believe or how you live your life - your actions?

Food for thought while you get doodling on those bits of paper.

Mary XXX
In case, you haven't noticed... I am a rebel. Society created me and He helped me develop that person into who I wanted to be. Thank you God.

A flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful flower of all - peace.

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