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Default The REAL Meaning of It All Is Now Clear

In the Bible, in the book of Revelations, it mentions that an evil leader would take over the world, and force everyone into antichristianity. I believe that this is the New World Order. America itself could be this evil for policing the world, or it could be Al-Quaida (sp?) using such force against those who are not muslim. (Christians in general.) Somehow it really all matches up. And a beast would arise to take power, with either 7 heads and 10 horns or 10 heads and 7 horns, but either way, look at the American government. Do the math. And that bundle of arrows in that eagle's claw... it symbolizes something rather evil, I cannot remember, but as I have to go to bed soon to get ready for work, I'll have to give my dad a call tommorrow, he knows everything. Something about a bundle of sticks. And has anyone heard of Project Megiddo? Do some research, read up on it, maybe you'll be as freaked out as I was. It's all there, black on white, clear as crystal. But they don't care if we know. After all, what's one Average Joe going to do? What could the man at the bus stop do, or the waitress in the bathroom do against this evil? Now I want you to think of what millions of them could do. Make yourself aware of this conspiracy before your freewill is blotted out by the mindnumbng propaganda that the government wants so badly for you to believe, hoping it would spill ink on the paper and cover that crystal in an opaque paint. Just be ready, and buckle up, cause things are going to be rather crazy for the next few hundred years.

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