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Default Re: Freemasonry May have been Revolutionary in the U.S or Europe But was Conservative In Australia.

billiard wrote:

i agree with you on this one ... the york segment,of which my dad was a member, of the masonic lodge appears to be a different animal altogether than the scottish rite,as a couple members tried to point out and were shouted down and driven away . the impact and significance of freemasonry in NWO discussion is greatly exaggerated. also,i would point out, the relevance of religion is downplayed in a similar manner,while we read posts about space aliens in underground bases . some of the more important issues are being left unexplored,while the ridiculous is discussed in detail.
no disrespect billiard but maybe because your dad was a member, that might bias your opinion a bit. I hate to think that my 'most wise' parents are blind enough not to see that their church is going new age but they are. Please don't hold back on any of your thoughts concerning religion.
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