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Default Re: Jewish Kabbalah Drug Syndicate Caught Red handed

BTW, back where I come from, home-grown was about the least desirable due in part to the poor way of drying the leaves (usually in the oven) and because the tops were usually kept by the growers.
I would stay away from Indica, if I were you, and go with Thai, Sensimella, or, my favorite, good old Columbian for the best smoke.
Times have changed.

No leaf...only heads. Leaf is thrown out.

I grew mainly "White Widow" from Amsterdam. VERY dense and heavy bud with a 'crystaline' shiny coating when dried naturally. The smoke was smooth and the high pleasant and not so drowsy.

I personally cant stand the stuff. :-)

Most good pot is grown hydroponically in Canada and swapped for coke inthe U.S. Asian gangs in Canada seem heavy into it.

Here in Oz they went after many people even with small amounts and went after their assets. It seems the coppers were annoyed so many 'amatures' were growing and selling and the decentralised market was making it hard for them to collect their retirement funding. :lol: Mostly though the Feds have had to come over and force the local coppers to do their job. The West Oz police force is easily the most corrupt in Oz. Just take a look at their emblem... is a BLATENT upside down Pentagram and the ONLY state in Oz to have anything like it. "Knights Templar" are VERY powerful here under the auspices of 'Lord McAlpine'..paedophile extraordianire. The current Commisioner - O' doing a fair clean up job in conjunction with the Feds. As always though...NO arrests and putting in jail. They are simply paid off, sacked and told to get lost. I met Senator Chris Ellison (Fed's) at a public meeting and I liked him. He's a devout Christian and keen to clean things up...we hope.

Regarding growing...If done carefully and quietly no one ever gets caught. Their is no need for LARGE operations. A small 2 square meter set up with three 600w lamps will snare $30,000 a year - wholesale. Carbon filters are a must to keep the smell down...this was my downfall. I got lazy and that is how people get caught.

I know people who have grown for 20 years. They dont mess with other drugs and they keep to themselves and sell to close friends. More power to them.

Currently their is a dope shortage but the Meth is everywhere! What a joke! But thats the point...anyone can grow dope and dilute the market and the big boys and the coppers who feed off their bribes dont want it.
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