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Default Re: Jewish Kabbalah Drug Syndicate Caught Red handed

the reality is Marijuana is the GATEWAY drug to harder drugs
True...but if the coppers were doing their job their would'nt BE any harder drugs.

Australia gets it's "China White" heroin from Burma. Burma is also the NUMBER 1 producer of "Meth" in the world. I put to Senator Chris Ellison (Feds) that if the corrupt and downright EVIL military junta in Burma was deposed then most of the drug problem in Oz would be over. He stated, and I quote..."we lack the resources for such an operation". He did'nt deny it. Just said we cant invade. I suggested he call on our great allie the U.S and then we could all put an end to it. He appeared shocked at the question because no one has EVER pulled him up. I found out I had attained a small measure of fame in the halls of local and federal parliament with that question. :lol: Shows just how shallow and crap the whole drug debate is.

I'ts very clear that Marijuana in my opinion should be only legalized for medical purposes, the dying and diseased could use the relief it provides before death, as well as LSD or Heroin if they choose, what the heck, they're gonna die anyway!
Their would be NO drug problem if it was'nt run by the banking and financial sector via the various intelligence services.

Watch "Layercake" for an EXCELLENT expose on the "Blueblood" involvement in drug dealing.

Wow! I guess we're gonna have to rename you "GodFather Down Under".
Actually it's "Mr Big" according to the Scarborough Police Station and the twits whove been watching me for 3 years. They have/had my face on a white board with ALL my associates. They were ONE red texta away from filling in the FINAL line which would show up the ENTIRE dastardly network!

Fucking twits! I guess the fact that my idea of fun is a ABC documentary on Friday night made them even MORE suspicious.
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