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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MK ULTRA


I have a decent peice of audio software called "SoundForge". It'sd a cracked full working version. When i get the chance i will upload it to a file server if you like and you can play with it.:-)

As for "subliminal messages". They've sure played with it but I think thats all they do. There are much more brutal and effective methods for population control and propaganda.

For starters "they" OWN the media. To double protect they place intelligence assets in the most important positions (operation Mockingbird for example - CIA placement in editorial positions). Then you have CFR members like the owner of the Washington Post...fully indoctrinated. Then we have the EXTREMELY effective method of continually "prodding the rats" into docility by ramming pictures of dead and dying Lebonese children in our faces every night on the telly.

This effective use of "overt" pictures and sounds is FAR more effective than "subliminal messages". When pounded with disturbing images the human being will do two things. First they will get SO angry they will lash out - BINGO! (Homeland Security says thanks.) Second they will refuse to act on their anger and frustration and instead "internalize" their emotions and bring on depression and docility.

With so many sold out to plasma t.v's and a mortgage...

It's too big for us. Look to Christ. Expend tears while they expend munitions. The Helper is coming. Of that I am sure.

Of course...continue to research and speak the truth.


I don't mean to break your thread of thought, but I wonder if anyone out there has access to audio engineering? I have two theoretical methods for embedding verbal messages which I believe are being used in television and radio:

1) Subtractive modulation: suppose you have a mixture of pink and brown noise as a cover; then modulate the noise with the vocal message by subtracting the message (by a certain percentage). This will produce an ethereal "ghotstlike" whispering voice.

2) Phase shift modulation: take a prerecorded message (on a PBS radio news broadcast, for example) and then modulate it with a second message, except that the modualtion is of a PHASE SHIFT in the original message; this might involve duplexing the original message, or processing the transmission via sidebands. In fact, if you take two synched sine waves and modulate a phase shift in one, another interesting result can be achieved: also try using ultrasonic frequencies for this!

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