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Default Re: Remember the chaos of the Babel tower?

I agree with the Gov. 100%. The NWO is destroyong western society just look at spain, france, germany heck all the west including usa and canada. Yet this does not happen in china which is growing ever stronger, nor in any country of asia except australia and new zealand.

God seperated the nations for a reason and it was not bigotry.

God gave the ancient hebrews a code on how to treat the aliens in their country and this did not include multiculturalism.

Regardless of its good and bad we must preserve our euro heritage because that is what gave our countries prosperity.And that is what we are.

We have to respect other cultures but not over ours.If we have to let people of other cultures in they must abide by our norms and culture if they don't like it let them go. IN time they, regardless of their backgrounds will assimalte into the general population, but not if we cater to their special needs.

All imigrants should learn and use the european language historicaly in use by the country they imigrate too.

They should not expect to have their customs, religious,moral,ethnic... become part of the land nor should they expect that we should take special considerations when we observe our customs.

One cannot eat a two tabels at the same time nor serve 2 masters.

We got to take our country back from them an this include the jewish cabal.

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