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Default Let's Bash Mel Gibson Thread

OK, so I might be the only one that does any posting here. But, give me a break!! What the hell is wrong with that guy?

Who is he to call Bill Clinton or anyone else an 'opportunist'?
Ahemmm!!!! Anyone hear of a little movie called the 'Passion of Christ?' BIG $$$$$$$. Plus, he openly admits to hanging around with the Bildeberger Klan, politicians, big leaguers!!

Hope he's not running for office....what woman would vote for him?

Women are different? What an intellectual answer!
Then he says they are the center of things! So then...let them have a crack at running the country.

First off, he is NOT a nice, plain, humble Christian-Catholic. He is "THEM". He is not interested in anything but the POWER and numbers$$$.

He is another plant! Very very welcome into the 'group'. Anyone is high places that makes any remark against another human being, such as a woman, is doing it as an 'OK' for men to...once again...keep women on the insult and in degradation.

And this is supposed to be the year 2006? Where we are all concerned for the future of ourselves and our children, we see our men and WOMEN dying in these 'wars'. These men and women are our modern-day crucified!! And it haunts me everyday to pick up the newspaper and read lies that hide the true number of the dead!!
Maybe...he should count his 'blessings' that millions of people went out to see his movie!! And filled his pockets!!

Maybe Mel Gibson thinks of men as the link between apes and man. That's really how he is speaking to you. TO US!

I wish once and for all these 'high and mighties' would openly admit that they consider themselves gods...and that they do not believe there is any other!! Folks, that's the truth!!

We really need to stop supporting these people. It's difficult when they have their finger in everything, but I, for one, will not support any person who wants my money for their stinkin' movie, a pledge of some sorts, purchase their product, or anything that I can say a definite "no" to!!

I'm not angry...but, I'm just sick and tired of these guys trying to appeal to 'those' who they think are stupid enough to fall for their empty dialogue and conversations. I'd like to see Mel Gibson come into any community and sit down with average 'Joe'. He would see that average 'Joe' is not stupid or easily swayed!! And average 'Joe' has to work two jobs sometimes to get food on the table. And even sometimes women are 'useful'....they have to help the husband and hold a job or two themselves!! Oh yesiree bob...woman are different! They care!!!!!

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