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Default Re: Let's Bash Mel Gibson Thread

Re Mel Gibson,

I'm not following this too close
but would his movie been able to see the light
of day if he was not one of them?
I mean that Passion of the Christ movie.

I saw it, and if I was a normal Joe
I would reject Christianity if all
I saw was blood and beatings, that
I saw in that movie.

Maybe I'm paranoid or always
look at the Conspiracy angle
too often, but I can't figure this one out.
It could go this way or that way.

The timing is conspicuous.

Truebeliever usually is pretty adept
in his comments. I wonder what he thinks.
I learn a lot from him.
( but he's not perfect :~)
...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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