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Default Book of Revelations

I'm very confused as to why people keep on quoting the Book of Revelations.
It was written about 18/1900 years ago. It is a book full of symbols which could be interpreted as anything from NWO to a McDonalds menu.
No-one is exactly sure who wrote it. Possibilities range from John of Patmos, John the Apostle, and it is not included in every version of the Bible.

Why people choose to reference this book confuses me non stop. Christianity teaches you that the Bible is not open to interpretation, what is written in there is fact. Therefore comparing modern conflicts or disasters and pointing to any vague chapter in the back of an old book is pointless. What will happen, IF it happens, will be as it is written so as not to cause confusion. Personally I dont believe it will happen and that John the Evangelist was too fond of mushrooms

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