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Default Re: Blue Gun Thug Conspiracies and Wrongdoings

rushdoony wrote:
Do Vancouver City Police have an organised way
to accept bribes?

Yes. You can "buy a table"
at the annual policeman's ball
at the Hyatt Hotel.
A businessman friend of mine
donated ( paid )
$40,000 for a table.
It's put on by their Marching
Pipe Band division -
nice way to hide/launder money
they receive.

He told me he could get special
favors/privileges. For $40,000

Media probably to afraid to expose this.
They won't expose this, so we have to.

Spread this far and wide if you can.

Hey Rush, no disrepect to you, but do you live in a cave or something? It's 2006, the world is violently ending soon in a torrent of blood and tears, nation after nation INCLUDING CANADA is falling like a dead fly to corruption, and you're just figuring out Vancouver police are corrupt? :roll: :idea: Don't take this wrong man, just my observation. :-o
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