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Default Re: Let's Bash Mel Gibson Thread

earthspirit wrote:
Well well well...I had a busy weekend so I didn't hear that ol' Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving Friday...which was highlighted by his big mouth and ANTI-SEMITE REMARKs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sends his apologies.....BS Gibbo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Walters says she won't be seeing any of his movies anymore.

Mel says that he hopes that Hollywood won't shut him out forever! BS BS BS BS
Well EarthSpirit your first rant on the TinGods of Hollywood makes sense, This incident is truly NOTHING, The Gods of Hollyweird get to get the gullible public to sympathize with their "harsh" lifestyles of Drugs,Alchohol,philandering,ect.

The sheeple buy the B.S., another movie makes a Gazillion dollars, everyone goes home happy. :-?

I like your rant above. :-)
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