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Default Re: Border agents let fake IDs go through

OK now, it's me earth espirito here.

Let me get this clear, are we saying that the security people at the borders can't tell the difference between an authentic document of ID versus the Fake ID? OK! there any training that is given to these people for spotting a fake ID? Is there 'time-out'/'whoa Nellie' given to someone suspicious or fakers while the security clerk gets a 'higher authority' to check out the situation? OR does the 'higher authority person' just say..."Oh, just let them go, everything seems to be in order".

Are we now pointing the finger at the 'little guy' for NOT doing his job? OR are we saying that we have these 'highly sophistically-trained-border-security-experts' that slacked off?' OR...that, even they can be fooled???

I mean, really now, who's zoomin who?

I'm sorry, but...someone once told me (long ago) that things happen because our government let's it happen.

I'm at that point that no matter what I read, it just sends a red flag! Know what I mean?

Thanks for the info Torch. But I'll just speak for myself and say, "what am I supposed to make of this?" "What should I do?" I keep saying (and thinking) that we should just make each other aware of all this sh-- going on. But then things slowly fade away as if most people feel 'defeated'!

Expressing discontent with our government, being actually bewildered to know that we are being treated like 'open season' for terrorists or the illegals to 'do as they wish' really gets my goat!

I can't take a walk to the laundromat around 11pm without the police wanting to see some ID, yet the 'others' crowd in with their 'families' and all is ok!

Excuse me, but, I was born here! Why do I feel like I've been dropped on the wrong planet???

PS: again, I'm NOT angry...just a bad week!!
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