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Default Re: Book of Revelations

Barbarian, what an apt name, the 1st verse in this book gives its true name "THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST". Written in approximately A. D. 96 by John. This book is a prophetic message completely devoid of any need of your belief or any other human. You never have to look at this book again and for your sake leave it alone. Every word in this book is in the process of coming about in fact 4 seals have passed with only three to go. This book is not written about what may happen, but about what is and will happen. It is written exclusively to those who can understand it and not to those you must continue to debate its merits. It is the plan for the culmination of the age of Human flesh and says so. It is not the end of the Earth, because the Earth is not owned by any Human and no feeble Human can destroy the property of the Deity no matter what you are any others think. The Earth will survive, The Human race will not is that plain enough. How do I know? Because I know my fate and now you know yours. Look to the upper right of this screen and see if you have eyes to see.
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