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Default Re: Book of Revelations

I have no interest in your belief in the Bible. I am not a teacher. Your respect or lack of it for my knowledge is unnecessary. I have always pointed out the massive flaw in communicating with those whose primary goal is to doubt the obvious. What you look for is not in The Revelation because you are not in The Revelation. No matter what is explained to you, you are made at the most basic level to doubt and to debate. This and you and the many like you are window dressing for this period of time. In the most modern of terms, The Revelation addresses the "Singularity". It is made into a religious malady by the human species. This book is an attempt at describing the notion of human sensed time as seen by something that is not human in any regard. It also obeys "The Law" and therefore it is open to all to view. It is your choice to understand it or dismiss it. It, unlike human thought, can not be imposed upon you, nor is it dependent upon you, it will occur in exactly the way written and it is best understood in its original language. There is one inspired translation into this language and many corrupt. There are some here who will hear a resonate chord from this and look into the matter deeper and some who will not. This is the design, so follow it. Your doubt is useful and used.
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