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Default Re: Let's Bash Mel Gibson Thread

I didn't find any overt references to porn movies, but that doesn't mean all.

As for Gods & Stars; the Egyptians equated the heavens (specifically the horizon during the setting of the sun: "Akhet") with their gods and eternal life (freeing of the spirit-force to become enlightened, etc.)
So, a word for star, or heavens, "Duat", had all of the other spiritual meanings attached to it, while the word for an object in the sky, "Sba" was relegated to astronomy. When referring to a god specifically, the word used was "Neter".

And sure, why do we call actors "Stars", and "Idols" ? Kind of makes me SICK when I think of those like Marilyn Monroe who were created for exploitation and then snuffed out when they became too much trouble!
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