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Default Re: Book of Revelations

Barbarian wrote:
You ask for a straight answer and you get "well if you dont understand it then you are not meant to!"
There are countless books of the end of the world, why just pick one and hold it up as an example? There are prophecies far older than the Book of Revelations, all with their own fantastic tales of the end of time.

Just as a test, and I would really appreciate this, please quote chapter and verse, without interpretation, as to the bit about the microchip implants.
And, most importantly, read it carefully, and think about the last 1900 years and how such an act could have been implemented at any point.

No one is asking you to understand

it ... read the book yourself and compare

with all the literature in the world in any

language you wish and see for yourself without

anyone telling you what is says or does not say.

I work in the field and believe me microchipping

will be mandatory sooner or later.
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